Rollerz Only Niagara Chapter Rollerz Only Niagara Rules
Vehicles that Qualify to Fly a Plaque

- Traditional Lowriders: We prefer all years of 2 door Hardtop or Convertible Chevrolet Impala from 1958 and up. 60's preferred. All years of Monte Carlo, Cutlass, Regal, Grand Prix, Malibu, and Chevelle, etc.

-Bombs: 1957 Chevrolet 2 door and below - all makes and models. 4 door Bombs are accepted 1954 and below. Bomb trucks are welcomed also.

-Cadillacs: 1990 4 door and up Big Body Broughams. 1982 to 1985 2 doors must be lifted (unless approved by members)

Vehicle Requirements

-Wheels: Knock Off Wheels Only.

-Paint: All 1970 and up Traditional Lowriders must have a custom candy or Flake paint job. If not, we do have hook ups on Professional Painters.

-Hydraulics: Your car must have a hydraulics or air bag system. Unless, Members approved/agreed to accept clean rides that are not lifted.

- Undercarriage: Must have chrome or sandblasted/painted undercarriages

Big Body Lowriders

SUV's Cadillac Escalades, Lincoln Navigators, Rollin' on DUBZ

Sport Utility Vehicles: Cadillac Escalades, Lincoln Navigators, Hummers, Ford Trucks, Excursions, Expeditions and Chevrolet-GMC Trucks, Suburbans, Tahoes.

Big Body Cars: 97 and up Cadillac DeVilles, New Model 4 door Caprices, 96 Impala SS, Mercedes Benz (all types), Lexus (all types), and all other related Domestic and European big bodies.

Vehicle Requirements

-Tires: Low Profiles.

-Wheels: Dayton Wire Wheels PREFERED. Other chrome/gold knock off wheels accepted.

-Paint: Must have a custom candy or Flake paint job. If not we got the hook ups.

-Suspension: Optional hydraulic or air bag system not mandatory but encouraged.

-Audio and Video: We prefer full audio and video capabilities

All of the above list of vehicles are eligible to fly a plaque. We got what you need to finish up your rides...just hit us up! Please call Pete Reibel at (716)510-6092 or email "IF YOU WANNA ROLL WITH US"

last updated: June 3, 2004
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